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1000+ Leads Per Day? We Make It a Reality

This is for brands who are spending at least ₹ 100,000 on ads every month.

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Ad Spends INR 20 Crore+

Total Revenue Generated

INR 70 Crore+

5 Lacs+ Leads Generated

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Online Gaming Brand Scaled from 50 Leads to 1000+ Leads/ Day
with Advertics Media multi funnel strategy.


About Us

Advertics Media is a creative and innovative performance marketing agency that partners with brands to provide more innovative ways to spend marketing dollars—cutting through the clutter of traditional campaigns to formulate tailored and optimized solutions designed specifically for success in today’s rapidly changing world. By leveraging proprietary data, machine learning algorithms and human behavioural analytics, Advertics Media helps turn every campaign into an opportunity to generate tangible ROI.

Our Solutions

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Get Guaranteed 20% Improvement in your BRAND Performance

Brands That Have Trusted Us

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Let us help you grow your brand to the level that you've always wanted it to be. You won't regret working with us.


We're really happy with the work Advertics Media has done for us. They've helped us to find out loopholes in our marketing and solve issues that were holding us back. As a result, our brand has gone from a 2 ROAS to a 3.5 ROAS in just two months. We couldn't have done it without them!
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We had a great experience working with Advertics Media. Their Direct Response Marketing strategy helped us reducing our CAC by a significant margin, and their bundling strategy helped us in improving our AOV by 50%. This was a huge win for our company, and we're grateful to have them as an Agency.



Advertics Media has helped us reduce the cost per acquisition and grow revenue by 100% in just two months. We've been very pleased with Advertics Media expertise, creative marketing ideas, and outside-the-box thinking.



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Contact: +91 7982551554

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